CryptoBlox Technologies Inc. (CSE:BLOX) gives the “Green” light to a DIGITAL CURRENCY/EV integrated blockchain solution. 

Why To Invest In This Company
  • CryptoBlox leverages Canada’s equity markets to vertically integrate power generation and mining operations to deliver exceptional economic returns to its stakeholders, with the additional goal of reaching renewable energy targets.
  • CryptoBlox acquired Optimal CP as its mining operations company located in Alberta, Canada where there is an abundance of renewable energy sources.
  • The company’s investment in the ROBe2 protocol, the first Renewable Obligation Based energy economy, sets the standard for ESG investment.
  • Digital currency mining is currently using more energy than some countries, 7x more than all of Google’s operations, and approximately 0.5% of the earth’s total power consumption. ROBe2 has a certified solution through the REA to solve this problem.

CryptoBlox Technologies Inc. aims to fill gaps in the market, providing Stable Economics for generation assets and low COE for mining. Located in Canada’s Albertan “Energy Hub”,  the company operates under confines of low price natural gas and emission costs and an open energy market, leaving (CSE:BLOX) poised to break into the market at optimal target costs.

Alberta boasts an open energy market with a supportive regulatory environment, and the company’s existing facilities have secure control of gas-fired generation, existing high-efficiency gas-fired facilities, and a structure supporting a staggeringly low cost of energy production at just CA6.0¢/kWh (US5.0¢/kWh). At peak power times, this can be sold at  (>30¢/kWh) with self-pooling options available.

  • State-of-the-art facilities will provide efficient secure low-cost mining operations
  • Purpose-built data center standard buildings
  • Strategic planning delineated a “start small and grow” approach from 2-5MW containerized racking, with the intention to grow to >20 MW with warehouse-style “tilt-up” concrete buildings that are secure, quiet, and can be efficiently cooled.
  • Integrated ASIC management and maintenance, with smart racking and ASIC management systems which will lower operational costs.
  • Active management can increase facility hashrate at a low cost
  • Ongoing ASIC acquisition over HODL strategy
  • Hosting Revenue will off-set operations costs
  • Smart Miner technology will support the ROBe2 Protocol
    This energy storage system (ESS) with cryptocurrency mining capabilities manages energy supply, price, and storage, to optimize power use.
    The proprietary integration with ROBE2 protocol certifies low-carbon energy and integrates with the patented battery management system to optimize renewable energy use for mining.
  • The introduction of the Smart Miner technology at the mining site will integrate renewable energy to  lower mining carbon intensity and strengthen the ROBe2 network and protocol
  • The smart miner integration also supports distributed mining with ROBe2-compliant smart miners and allows for the move to certified ‘net-zero’ mining.

(CSE:BLOX) acquired the entity CryptoPlug Technologies Inc. (“CryptoPlug”), a company in the late stages of developing a blockchain-based, crypto-compatible application for smartphones. Following the company’s recently announced acquisition of CryptoPlug, the intention is to capitalize on their digital currency compatible technology. This company is developing blockchain-based digital-currency-compatible tech which will integrate with smartphones.

“Most (digital currencies) are supported by teams of altruistic people, but they do not have companies behind them. Something has to change.” Daniel Garcia

The trajectory of this new pairing includes a plan to customize CryptopPlug’s technology to specifically integrate with the extensive suite of products that have been announced by EV Battery Tech. The inception of a pairing ability enabling users to personalize their EV power requirements will be the first landmark move for this company.

A Blockchain Power Management System and Application, Smart Command (“Smart Command”). Smart Command is based on cutting-edge blockchain technology working in tandem with EV Battery Tech’s patented Battery Management System (BMS) to deliver a user-friendly computer and phone application that delivers revolutionary monitoring, maintenance and machine learning features.
The Smart Command system and App is fully scalable and will be integrated into the entire IoniX Pro suite of Energy Storage System (ESS) products, allowing for complete power management and smart grid/microgrid communications. Smart Command is able to monitor charging sessions, track power purchases and can even sell power to the grid, all with its blockchain-based platform

The system will provide users with command and control functionality overpower functions, thereby enabling absolute controls in power usage, storage, sale and consumption. Additionally, it gives users flexibility in arbitrage power usage between “peak” and “off-peak” hours. EV Battery Tech intends to offer the Smart Command system and App on a licensed basis.

As energy flows in and out of the battery, the real-time monitoring function will feed data into its AI interface and, via machine learning, the ESS “learns” and adapts to the needs of the user, making it more efficient and effective with each day. The Smart Command system and App will bring flexibility and customer control to the tracking of energy movement for accurate and reliable measurement of energy costs both to and from all energy sources, whether the energy to the battery comes from renewable energy, an electric vehicle, the utility grid or any other source. Due to the nature of blockchain, the Smart Command will provide the highest level of accuracy and security encryption, 




It is no secret that the interest and success of digital currency is on the rapid rise. Since the launch of the digital currency market in 2009, thousands upon thousands of virtual tokens have been created – today there are over 7500 accepted coins. Satoshi Nakamoto’s original dream of creating decentralized finance (de-fi) over 10 years ago is hitting its stride.

2010 marked the first Bitcoin Transaction, the payment of two pizzas in exchange of 10.00 bitcoins made by the developer, Laszlo Hanyecz. Today those 10 coins have a value of over  $765,000 CAD

The popularity of de-fi is a driving force in this integration of the CryptoPlug features with the Smart Command and will revolutionize how customers source their EV and ESS power.


Optimal is focused on developing facilities in Canada’s energy hub of Alberta that will leverage direct access to clean, reliable, low-cost power generation facilities. Using a unique operating approach, Optimal’s facilities will continue to support the peak needs of the Alberta grid, thus offering increased value to generators while providing some of the lowest-cost, cleanest and most reliable mining operations in the world.

With these funds in place, Optimal intends to move quickly in establishing and commissioning its initial mining facility, which will utilize at least 3.5 MW of clean, cost-effective generation to ultimately power a minimum of 1,000 mining ASIC mining machines.

Using a phased approach to build out electrical and enclosure infrastructure to accommodate miners, Optimal is projecting to commission at least 500 kW per month of rack space, allowing the Company to achieve a total mining hash rate of approximately 100 petahash and with a projected mining capacity of more that 12 bitcoins per month in the first half of 2022.

“The acquisition of Optimal has given the Company control of Optimal’s development pipeline and its seasoned management team that will enable a smooth transition for the Company as it continues to focus on its core blockchain business and the introduction of this new cryptocurrency mining unit,” commented EV Battery Tech CEO, Bryson Goodwin.

There is a Huge Market For This Technology

The already existing Smart Command technology can be integrated into any charging station to track sessions, power purchases, and sell power back to the grid through its proprietary blockchain-based platform. Whether the energy is derived from a renewable source or siphoned from the grid, this technology has the capability to monitor its movement. Due to the nature of blockchain, this information will be encapsulated within the highest level of accuracy and security encryption.

“The CryptoPlug technology will be a perfect complement to our Smart Command application and will assist in bringing a more robust application to the market sooner than previously expected,” commented EV Battery Tech CEO, Bryson Goodwin


CryptoBlox Technologies Inc. (CSE:BLOX) intends to take this integrated system to market free of charge, with a FEE-BASED MODEL ON TRANSACTIONS TO GENERATE REVENUE. This places the platform in a valuable position, as the technology is in high demand, will be accessible to clean energy providers, and will generate per-user revenue.


CryptoBlox Technologies Inc. (CSE:BLOX) has announced that through their membership with the RENEWABLE ENERGY ALLIANCE, the company has been selected to develop the hardware required for the Renewable Obligation base energy economy Protocol – which will be referred to as the ROBe2  protocol.

The Renewable Energy Alliance (“REA”)

The Renewable Energy Alliance is a global not-for-profit- trade organization established in 2001. The goal of the organization is “championing (our) members and prompt(ing) a future built on renewable energy and clean technology. (citation needed –

The company’s work with the REA, beginning October 5th of this year has catalyzed boundless collaboration opportunities with public and private organizations alike.


The company’s first initiative in partnership with the REA is the opportunity to develop hardware for the carbon-negative digital currency mining ROBe2 protocol, a platform developed to combat Climate Change and Economic Oppression.

REA say exposure to volatile global gas prices demonstrates urgent need to diversify and decarbonise UK’s domestic energy system;
Wholesale prices for gas up 250% since January;
A renewed focus on energy efficiency and insulating our homes is also critical


The ROBe2 Protocol is based on blockchain-focused contracts focused on generating renewable energy on a token usage basis. The Protocol will define the parameters of reliably disseminating data points across digital mining networks. In addition, 3% of each transaction amount will be contributed to a mining pool managed through the REA that is aimed to catalyze the production and consumption of renewable energy. This pool will be generated through the Proof of Renewable mining process, as opposed to the standard Proof of Work Mining process.

The main takeaway from this process distinction is the difference in energy consumption. Proof of Work Mining is incredibly energy-intensive, whereas Proof of Renewable mining is a carbon-negative mining process, which is far more environmentally friendly by design.

POW mining has an extensive carbon footprint due to the cooling power requirements and large specialized machines which require large amounts of space and cheap energy. EV Battery Technologies, in partnership with REA intends to expand on a greener and more sustainable method.

“It is a pleasure working with EV Battery Tech and IONiX Pro,” commented Dr. Tom Davis, Chief Renewable Officer of the REA. “This collaboration is a big step towards addressing some of the biggest crises facing our world today. I knew from the beginning that the induction of EV Battery Tech into the REA would be fruitful, I just had no idea it would happen so quickly!”

The Company has Secured a Seed Round Ownership Position in the ROBe2 Protocol Which Has Now Had Its Patent Pending “Proof of Renewable” Mining Protocol Published

Since the company was accepted into the Renewable Energy Alliance (the “REA”), it has commenced a collaboration with the ROBe2 Protocol and IONiX Pro Battery Technologies Inc. (“IONiX Pro”). The collaboration is intended to develop an energy storage system (ESS) utilizing the Company’s patented battery management system (BMS) to create the world’s first device to operate the ROBe2 Protocol’s patent-pending Proof of Renewable mining protocol (the “PoR Protocol”). The PoR Protocol has the ability to both verify energy’s renewable source and use a blockchain-based cryptocurrency mining system that will mine the ROBe2 Protocol.

This milestone for the ROBe2 Protocol and its PoR Protocol is particularly significant, as one of the common criticisms towards cryptocurrencies is the way in which they are mined.

Since the outset of the collaboration, the ROBe2Protocol, particularly regarding the PoR Protocol. Most notably, on October 29, 2021, the PoR Protocol was published at the International Conference on Cryptography and Blockchain in Vienna, Austria. The more advanced cryptocurrencies have published “white papers” providing investors technical information about their concept, and a roadmap for how they plan to grow and succeed. However, only a few have had academic papers published that contain original research results that are reviewed by academic experts before being published.

The PoR Protocol academic paper is anticipated to be published in the following journals:

International Journal of Computer Networks & Communications (IJCNC) – Scopus Indexed, ERA Indexed
International Journal On Cryptography And Information Security (IJCIS)
International Journal of Security, Privacy and Trust Management (IJSPTM)
International Journal of Network Security & Its Applications (IJNSA) – ERA Indexed
Information Technology in Industry (ITII) New- ESCI(WOS) Indexed: